For the ROE8 Fallen & the Anti-Heroes

To The ROE8 Fallen & Anti-HeroesTo The ROE8 Fallen & Anti-Heroes
Lizards, Snakes, Bandicoots, or Quenda,
No matter your name or gender.
Birds, Tortoise or Toad,
Bulldozed for that insane road.
Barnett’s Libs are the enemy here,
Whether CMIC’s far or near.
Rife the corruption of these Libs,
Taking backhanders, telling Fibs.
To all the Fallen, felled, KILLED,
Barnett’s Libs should be billed;
For dead Monitor Lizards or Bearded Dragons,
May the Libs’ wheels fall off their wagons;
Fall & break like our Land, our bush,
As from power the Libs we push
To extinction as these Fallen,
In this Land AGAIN they’ve Stolen.
For all Flora & Fauna that’s now forfeit,
For The Liberals & CMIC’s vile profit.
For all those we’ll never again see,
My heart is breaking; so R.I.P.
I say VOTE LIBS last, &,
Off the agenda this road blast.
To ROE8’s Fallen BIG R.I.P.s,
In their names let’s plant some trees.


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